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Consultoría de autor

Adding value to what really matters without losing the focus, is another way of understanding consultancy services. We know how to look through other perspectives, working empathetically and choosing a different option when offering our consultancy service: AUTEUR CONSULTING. Orienting, advising and giving creative solutions adjusted to each client are our sings of identity.

We believe in SUSTAINABILITY and that is what we work for, from our commitment and professionalism.


    We work with the conviction and the determination of ones who know and love their job trying to always do our best. We create methodology which suits our clients´ needs.

    We like to be ahead and we know where to focus.


    We have our own stile, which is easyly recognizable. We know how to listen to our clients in order to understand their needs. Doing things well and taking care of the smallest details are where our service makes the difference.

    In Enea we like what we do and we would like you to appreciate it.


    Every project is unique and different at the same time. We do our best in each of them, focusing on that really matters and always with an overcoming phylosophy.

    Making steps ahead as life attitude. With passion and enthusiasms and talent and effort our job becomes an exciting challenge.


    Enea is, its people, its vision, its phylosophy and its attitude. A clear, honest and committed attitude.

    We believe in our project. We share our ideas and we make them visible adding value. Being clear about who we are and what we want, gives to us and to our clients enought security which results in quality, reliability and the best possible outcome.


    Our teamwork gives proximity and balance to the relationships with our clients. They are usually like-minded people with similar motivations, so we work in networking and consecuently we have a great number of partners.

    Enea has so much of us. Therefore, we are convinced that all of us have something different and important to share with.